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When I graduated from the MFA program at the San Francisco Art Institute, I knew that I was headed into a year of transformation and I wanted a way to record the changes throughout the journey. These sketches are loose representations that express what was going on inside of me. The title of the piece, Labyrinth of Time, stemmed from the idea that being inside a labyrinth induces a state of confusion. Without bearings you can feel incredibly lost and uncomfortable. In order to find your way through a labyrinth, it often takes 1) deliberate action, 2) intuitive perception, and 3) a keen recollection. With this project, I would have a way to look back and see the progress, thereby creating a sense of direction for the next step forward.

I installed the sketches, cumulatively, every week, at Elixer in Tiburon, CA. The project commenced on June 21, 2009, which is the time of year that is known as the cardinal axis between the world and the personal. There are four phases all together. The first phase started on the Summer Solstice. Then the following three phases started on the Autumn Equinox, the Winter Solstice, and the Spring Equinox respectively.

I don't know if you have ever noticed that time can seem to expand, circle around and overlap? Well the sequence of the sketches is linear, but I decided to allow the content of the sketches to contain an expression not only of current events, but also of memories and aspirations. Sometimes a current event would open something up from the past where there was an emotional connection. Other times it became a teaching to form an aspiration for the future. So these multi-faceted aspects of time became part of the piece. When I set up the structure of the four phases, I didn't know how it would match up with the flavor of events in my life, but it was really uncanny how life and the structure of the installation piece coincided with each other. Even the actions taken in regards to the form of the installation, affected the direction of my journey.


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