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No matter what dramas are occurring in our lives, we always have the opportunity to delve deeper inside ourselves. There we can find gifts of wisdom, serenity, joy and a sense of connectedness. Ever since I was young, I have been keenly interested in what lay beneath the surface – my terminology for those everyday happenings, motions, and interactions that we experience in life. It always seemed like there must be something more to life.

One of my favorite poems is by Rilke: “Ahh, not to be cut off…not by the slightest partition, from the law of the stars. The inner – what is it? If not intensified sky…hurled through with birds, and deep with the winds of homecoming.” Can you imagine the intense beauty of lying beneath a starry sky – realizing that kind of infinity lay within? That vast interior space, for which words are inadequate to articulate, is what I attempt to channel into my work.

There lies our innate wisdom and our true power…a poignancy that stimulates conscious actions to realize our greatest potential. It is my vision to make paintings that invoke a sense of wonder in the viewer; to incite an investigation, an engagement with a deeper wealth of knowledge that comes bubbling up
from within. 



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